Vending machines are owned and operated by CSAAC.   All proceeds from the machines go to the CSAAC Operations for Enhancements throughout the organization.

CSAAC has successfully launched a new social enterprise business for individuals in the supported employment program that are interested in operating a vending machine business.  CSAAC started with a pilot program in its headquarters office and the Brookeville School Campus a few years back and it took off to now over 35+ locations with great success.  Sodas and snacks are purchased through wholesale and the individuals inventory and stock the machines!  The program now has a brokerage opportunity to operate vending machines in local businesses throughout the community giving the individuals their own small business.  Machines are checked and stocked several times a week so there are never empty machines making Empower Vending different than any other vending company around!

If you or your office / business is interested in learning more about Empower Vending and get a machine, please send an email to or call 240-912-2255 or fill out the form below:

Empower Vending’s van and stock room:

List of participating business references:

* Butler Automotive Service Center – 301.762.3865

* Rice Tire – 301.330.8473



Empower Vending Sponsorship Hats for a $25.00 donation!

Click below to get yours today!   Shipping time takes 2-4 weeks depending on availability.